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The House, Convent and Church of
the Stimmate in Verona, Italy:
birth-place of the
Stigmatine congregation

Dear Friends of the Stigmatines,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We hope that your visit will help you to know our Stigmatine Congregation and its many and varied apostolates.  As you visit, we are celebrating - on November 4th - the 199th Anniversary of the Foundation of our religious community.  We were founded by Saint Gaspar Bertoni in Verona, Italy in 1816.  Next year (2016) will be the celebration of our Bicentenary.  Recently, our Superior General, Very Reverend Maurizio Baldessari, C.S.S. offered some reflections on this upcoming celebration of God's goodness to us.  He states:

 "The Bicentenary of the birth of our Stigmatine Congregation is for all of us the occasion of thanksgiving to God, remembering - that is, bringing to our hearts - the moment in which Saint Gaspar and his first companions, in obedience to the will of God, that manifests itself in events, began together the formation of a new religious community.  It will not be a year of boastful commemoration of the past, but rather a time to contemplate what the goodness of God has granted us to accomplish at the service of the Church.  This year of preparation for the Bicentenary anniversary will also be an opportunity to verify our historic and dynamic fidelity to the project of God and to measure the temperature of our current missionary zeal.  It's also a year to put in the hands of God our sins, our slowness, our faults and fears, personal and community weakness.  Providentially, the dates of the celebration of this year practically coincide with the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis and this gives us a particular tone to our commemoration and invites us to read our history as a journey of mercy that God is walking with our Congregation."

"As far as we are concerned, we have the duty of looking intently at the hand of the Master (cf. Psalm 123.2) and being willing to do all that He will tell us.  The great historic changes now taking place must find us listening to "what the Spirit says to the Churches."  Times change and we Christians must continually change! (Pope Francis' Homily, House of Saint Martha, October 23, 2015).

This is indeed a "time of grace" for us Stigmatines and we invite you to join us in prayer that this year of preparation for our Bicentenary will truly be a time of renewal - a time seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

As always, we ask for your prayers for vocations to the Stigmatine Priesthood and Religious Life. We promise you our daily prayers - for all your intentions. Thank you for visiting our website.

In Christ,

The Stigmatine Fathers of Holy Spouses' Province



Last Updated: November 04, 2015