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from the Provincial's desk


Rev. Gregory Hoppough, CSS, Superior ProvincialDear Friends of the Stigmatines,

Thank you for visiting our Stigmatine website. We welcome you as all of us enter into the Holy Season of Ordinary Time (beginning Monday, June 9). A very fine Scripture scholar, Diane Bergant, C.S.A., Ph.D. (Catholic Theological Union) offers this observation on Ordinary Time:

"This period of Ordinary Time is really an interlude between seasons... While there are many themes in the Readings of these Sundays in Ordinary Time, two principal ones stand out: our justification in Christ and our call to discipleship. Together, they suggest we have been called in by God and then sent out by Christ. The other Readings (of the Masses in Ordinary Time) can be viewed through this twofold lens."

For us Stigmatines, the great commissioning of Jesus to "go forth and teach" ("sent out by Christ" - Matthew 28:19), forms our motto: EUNTES DOCETE. Our Holy Founder, Saint Gaspar Bertoni, left us this motto and legacy. We are called - as our all the baptized -  to go forth in our ministries and announce the good news of the Gospel. We Stigmatines are "called and sent" to bring Jesus to all we encounter. We do this by assisting the Bishops in many dioceses of the world. We serve in parishes, seminaries, missions, retreat centers and offer our service "to the greater glory of God." As we "go forth", we beg for your prayerful intercession.

This period of Ordinary Time is a wonderful opportunity to pray for vocations to the Stigmatine priesthood and religious life. May many more "disciples" be sent to bring Jesus to a world that needs Him and His merciful love so much. Please pray for vocations!

May your time visiting our website be fruitful. Be sure of our prayers for you and your loved ones.


The Stigmatines of Holy Spouses' Province



Last Updated: June 08, 2014